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Your interactive vision board app

Using Templa is a constant reminder that you are worthy of your dreams.

Everything you need to actualize your potential is already within you.

We combine neuroscience and spirituality to support you with the five things that matter most on this journey.

Vision Gratitude


Self Care Mood

Download Templa for a smooth reality shift. We’re here to support your manifestation journey.

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We make visualization easy

These practices help you anchor the vibe of your future into the present.

It works like magic, but it’s actually neuroscience.

Watching your Templa stimulates the growth of new neural pathways and reprograms your subconscious mind.

It’s how you actively align with your future reality.

Summer Woods

Templa has consolidated all of my manifestation practices in one place. It's made it so simple to keep track of my growth! I love it!

Zhane Dadson

I absolutely love the Templa app, an opportunity to have a vision board just in the palm of my hand. As someone who journals and expresses gratitude every day this is the best way to keep it handy and close by.

Ross Lopez

As a holistic health practitioner, I find that it is important to address the mind, body, and spirit when it comes to achieving good health. Templa allows you to address all three.

Claudia Nanino

I love Templa because it keeps me accountable. It provides an easy to do pleasing experience so I can work on manifesting daily and in a way that feels very achievable.

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